What Mountains Can Teach Us?

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what Mountains taught me
Base Camp At RuduGaira

Recently, when I successfully returned from my 7th trek, one of my acquaintances asked me. Your stomach is not full by visiting the same-structured mountains? Honestly, I ignored him and restricted myself from that person. My ‘innersole’ told me to keep ME away from this person. A kid who doesn’t know WHAT MOUNTAINS CAN TEACH US!!!.

Well for me, the mountains are like home. I have a very strong connection with them for the last 10 years, almost a decade. As I have also told earlier that I have done my graduation from, UIT DEHRADUN. A city that is surrounded by mountains from all sides. For four years, there was no single day in which I haven’t cast a glance on that Shivalik and Jaunsar Bawar Ranges of Himalayas. But at that time, I was not connected to them as much of now.

Mountaineering Lessons
Jogin Peaks

My every journey towards the Mountains, made me love, a little bit more, the mountains. The Rishikesh Trip, The Munsiyari Trip, and then other Himalayan Treks. All of them helped me to get into the sight of this beautiful creation.

I don’t know why but I can feel a strong bond with the Mountains. For me, they are like true mentors. And there are several things that mountains taught me about life. Believe me, all those lessons are now the main pillars of my life in order to gain certainty (a general air of confidence).

9 Lessons from Mountains

If you can you will also relate to each of these lessons.

Overcome from All The Fears

When you take a walk on the trails that have taken less, it makes you stronger to face your fears. It will wrong if I use a word fearless, no one completely a fearless person. And no worries, fears would come to our way they make us more admirable.

When I successfully summited on Yamunotri Pass (my first big eight-days trek) or commonly known as Bali Pass, it made me encounter my fears of height, water, and low oxygen. But I successfully faced and conquered them. And now, when the pebbles come into my way, I programmed my inset that I have crossed much bigger of them.

Connect With Yourself – Best Answer To What Mountains Can Teach Us

First and Foremost, this is one of the best things That Mountains taught me. That solitude environment makes me know my other half.

Shubham Varshney
Returning From that Holy Cave

It was my first solo trek, though it was one of the best religious treks in India, Amarnath Yatra. After having a visit into that holy cave, I allowed myself to sit alone the trail and savor the beauty casting by the majestic mountains in front of me. I literally had a very intellectual talk with myself only.

That moment of mine at Mountains was like a very famous Doha of Saint Kabir “Cheenega Ka koi use uski khaali Jholi re, Badi Taakat hai Gareebi Mein, Mann Lago Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein”.

Embrace the Silence

Many big saints say that sometimes the silence is the only solution to many human-problems. Just sit with yourself and do nothing only delve down in those authentic thoughts that come into your mind. Relatively, you will be going to find a solution for that thought.

Mountains are the places where we can find silence naturally because they have a very isolated nature and it can only be felt by the alone soul, not by a lonely soul.

Shubham Traveler

And silence eventually takes us on the march of spiritualism. Now, I have a very cheerful life, nothing, literally not a single negative thought can take command over my mind and body.

Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

Yes, that very famous quotes “Best View Comes after the Hardest Climb”.

I was sitting somewhat around 17000 feet above from the sea level, the place which connects the Govind Pashu Vihar to the Yamunotri Range. Everything was fully covered in the snow and the scene which I was cherishing at that moment was just unbelievable and unforgettable. That last and the hard push from Odari (one of the campsites to the Summit point) gives us that view.

What Mountains Can Teach Us
Swargrohini Peaks

Now whenever I face difficulties in every field, I told my heart that this is just that thing and the best thing is about to come.

Death is Only Truth

When I first told my parents that I want to go on a trek. At first, they allowed me because they don’t have any idea where I am planning to go. But when they Google it and seen the difficulty level they only had this “Jaan ka Khatara Hai yaha to”. I was like yes, that’s the only reason for this trek. I want to see the face of death and I want to put my eyes into its and showing it my middle finger.

There are many bodies that are lying on some great Himalayan peaks, in my perception they had the best death than others. They attain their calmness in the lap of Nature and had a straightway towards the very abode of supreme power. Nothing is Immortal. The Lesson that Mountains Can Teach Us.

Respect Mother Nature

Bander Poonch
Rhododendron Flowers – National Flower of Himalayas

When we reach few kilometers away from the civilization, we start relish the different flavors of amazingness. The Mother Nature starts showing us their love by placing every small thing at its place. Like A meadow having colorful flowers, trees standing tall and quite. Rivers making their down towards the civilization in order to give them the life-line.

Lessons From Mountains
First Stream of Yamuna in the from of Tons River

Most of the people, who are unaware of the efforts of Nature, they are simply ruining its beauty and making it to its worst.

At Bali Pass Trek, I get to know much about River Yamuna and saw how we people in the name of development, made it go extinct. Also, I have written a post on it, Rivers in India are at Critical Stage.

Setting up The Goals

Our team of trekkers and mountaineers always used to utter these words, ONLY THE MATTER OF FEW STEPS (Bus pahuch hi gaye). Sometimes, we see a spot mark and make it our goal and that thing took us closer to our goal. That very moment makes you realize why it is necessary to have a goal.

Do Not Give Up

Literally it is my tried and tested, when you don’t give up on the things, you become more focused and confident. The strength of winning over the things, which are forcing you to give up, makes the perfect sense into life.

Things Mountains can teach us
From the top of Mount Rudugaira

Take it like this, on our Mount Rudugaira Expedition, one of our teammates gave up on the summit day and decided to stay at the Base Camp. But when we returned after our successful summit he cursed himself and all the time he had a clingy taste of failure.

So, if you have set up a goal then pursue it and if not then just make some goals for your life.

Be More Optimistic

Shubham Varshney

“Confidence is the key to the success” and if you want to become confident then have a solo trek and get into the direct touch of Nature. Conquer some peaks, by holding the National Flag into your hands and prepare yourself to fight with anything that comes into your way. This in result gives you wings and makes perfect sense to your living.

So, all the above things are what Mountains are able to teach me. Hope they will share their best with you, if you visit them.

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