Ways To Use Quarantine Time Effectively to Self-Improve

COVID-19, this thing really messed up our lives. This Corona Pandemic has put the whole world in a confined space. This so-called planet is quarantined. We all are, no matter which country we belong, are supposed to remain at our homes. We have quarantined us. So, that this Novel Corona Virus, an enemy, won’t be able to reach us. Remaining at home can be a difficult thing at first, but when we found out a way of making most out of it. It becomes amazing, more cheerful. So, below you will find out Ways to use quarantine time effectively to self-improve and make this time amazing, and worth having.


All the big things like gatherings, meetings, marriages, airlines, railways, transportation, streets, and even the shops are shut down. The streets nowadays are like there is a war running out and no one supposed to leave their den. If they haven’t loved their lives, they can move out. Nothing has more feared a person than this Corona Virus did. By the fear of this COVID-19, people have confined themselves to their houses, and they have to. Because that’s the only way to keep this virus away.

Quarantine Time – A Break from That Hustle-Bustle

The thing is, there are 24 hours in a day and remaining at home can be a daunting task. (If you are an IT professional, there are many sympathies to you all).

For many, it is a time that is full of boredom. Their business is a lockdown, so they are locked-down. They are simply passing their ‘alone-time’ or this lockdown period. It is very easy to let the hours, days, or weeks fly by without doing anything constructive.

On the other hand, there is hand full of people who know that this is the best time to recover and express love. Towards family members and more importantly towards thyself. This is the perfect time to delve down into the innate part of oneself. Use this extra time to be proactive. The time goes on, so whatever you are going to do, do it now. Don’t Wait. This is the opportunity to work on every dream that you have taken.

Ways to Use this Quarantine Time Effectively

If you have reached here, surely you are loving your quarantine time, you are finding the amazing thing in your alone time. In short in your ‘me-time’. There are numerous ways to make the time more precise and effective in order to improve your inner self. And those ways can only be found by a living soul. A soul who is living the time to its very best. A soul that is living far away from the ocean of good or bad, real or fake, and death or life. A fully conscious mind is only going to use this quarantine time more effectively.

I am a Content in My Own Company


Or if you are on the path to regain that consciousness of the mind, then below are the answers to this question, How to Use Quarantine Time Effectively to self-improve?

Lift Yourself Up Intellectually

I know, most of you would be wondering that how mean I am that I told you to do this gigantic task. Believe me, they are just some heavy words which I used to describe task. ‘Lift Yourself Up Intellectually’.

I mean to say, read something which can give you some information. Just open up the internet world, search about the companies, about the planets, about the World.

Get some information on the current GDP of India or any other country. Some information about Nature. Get to know about which rivers are at critical Stage in India and how we can cure them. Just fuck up anything that you want. And Just Google it.

This will not only help you in gaining knowledge but also it will make you a more intellectual person.

Pick up a Book

Reading a book makes a mind more creative and proactive. These are not just mine words, this is the fact. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It helps us to connect with an imaginary world and puts our mind onto some work.

Pick up any genre, the one you love the most. It could be the love, action, drama, thrill, crime, etc. To make it simple you could read the Ramayan also.

Show Your Valuable Things

We cannot be able to move out and reach to our closed ones. But we have to share some gossip with them. Or we just want to show them our things that we have done in the past days. This internet world is really the helping-hand in this lockdown period. We are more and more spending our time on social media.

Also, we could use this time in managing our things to show them on our accounts. Like I have made a travel blog and I publish my stories on it. In this way, you can share your stuff by placing it on a platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Reach out to your best content that you have done earlier and show it to the connected ones.

Work To Keep Yourself in Shape

This is the best time to process that resolution ‘to keep me in shape’. In those normal days, we often used to say that, we have not enough time to exercise or to overcome ourselves from that exercise. But now, we have time, we don’t have to move outside, we don’t have to go to the office, we do not have to go to the shop. We can simply, plan out time from these free 24 hours for the exercise.

Because we all know that regular exercise is the wonder dose for body as well as for mind. And then the Meditation. If exercise is the wondrous dose to mind and body then Meditation is like protein to them.

Nurture your Hobbies

Alike the 95% population of this whole world, we all are stationed ourselves in our homes. In the past two weeks, this immense world has shrunk exponentially. We are locked-down into our homes but we haven’t lockdown our talents.

This quarantine-period of our lives came us to tell that we have a soul somewhere inside our body which is quite different from the version that exists some weeks ago. The soul that loves cooking, singing, dancing, storytelling, and much more.

Nature has given us an opportunity to nurture that soul. Have a meeting in some alone place with that soul. Ask that what it wants. And just to happiness for it, start doing what it ask for. The result will surely going to surprise you.


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