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There are many people who are living happily, earning decent money, making their loved ones proud or enjoying their life amazingly. But there are some people who have a lust to explore one of a gem of this world. You people have been seeing that this blog is on wanderlust, so it should come as no doubt that I love reading travel blogs from there I get some inspiration. The way they share their experience is itself pulls up my mind in that part of the World. As an aficionado, I love to write about them as I love to read about traveling. In the featured image of this post is the Badlands National Park, the place which I eagerly wanted to visit.

In this post, I have written about the travellers who have a more bit passion to scream out from the peaks of any mountains of this gigantic world. They live out in different cities of this World, they experience something that belongs to that place. They drink out some good quality of wines at fabulous wine yards. They are the ones who I follow and interestingly, there are many out in this world who are doing work by going out of this World. These all blogs are on the list of top 50 travel bloggers given by many other popular bloggers.

Top travel blogs who inspired me:-


   Nomadic Matt (Matthew Kepnes)

  • Matthew Kepnes is not only a name, it itself a brand. Matt spent out his 2 years in the job. He was not aware at that time that what is going to be next which changed his life.


  • At a trip to Thailand, he decided to quit his job and he let the inside out his feelings and wanted to be a full-time traveller. And from that time he had visited many countries and wrote various travel guides on different cities.


   The Planet D (Dave & Deb)

  • It was clearly in my mind that this blog was the first blog which I read. So from that very moment, I get to know what is love at first site.


  • They both run this blog and says that “8 years ago they were just overwhelmed, overworked and plain exhausted” so they decided to do something crazy. Many magazines like Forbes announced them one of the top influencers of this world.


   Voyager For Life (Renuka)

  • A girl who has passion, lust, and a spark to come out from the fear of not to explore this world. And the icing on the cake, she belongs to my Nation so I knew that that she had done a lot of struggle.


  • To become a solo traveller one needs lots of guts and as a girl, it needs lots of lots. She had faced many difficulties in getting her life’s wheel on the track.


   Lost Boy Memoirs (Ryan Brown)

  • There is a very beautiful line written by Ryan and it is perfect for his blog’s tagline “Not all who are lost needs to be found”. He has written a very beautiful post which is on some amazing travel quotes that blown away my mind.


  • He is a graphic designer in a company and earning a good amount of money from both the platforms but he gives priority to his lust of exploring this whole World.


   The Dangerous Business (Amanda)

  • She belongs to a small city but very beautiful Ohio. She is also a true inspiration to me and she is madly in love with his work and passion.


  • I clearly remember that from her experience I got to know about Badlands National Park of South Dakota in the USA. There are many other places about whom she let me know.


These are a few bloggers from a bunch of many, which influenced me and helped me so that I could get the right path. I know, they all have done a tremendous work to meet out their dreams and even I knew this too that they have given many sacrifices to chase down their dreams. Anyways they all are doing their job with all their enthusiasm. No matter what a job you are doing, there is only one thing if you want to be great in that, you have to do it with all your passion.


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