Places to visit in Rishikesh when you have a day only

A rope was tightened to my ankles and I felt a push from behind and found myself falling towards the ground from 1300 ft and next to that moment in an awe I found myself at the seat of government transport bus. I was dreaming of bungee jumping and I scattered when my bus stops at its spot in Rishikesh.

At first I felt really very sad because I never experienced that great adventure but on the other hand, I found myself in the middle of humongous mountains. I was on a day trip to Rishikesh from Agra. And now I am having some amazing and off-the-track places to visit in Rishikesh.

It was 6 in the morning on my iPhone, I headed out from the bus and went to a tea stall so that I could overcome my bus lag by having sips of tea. It takes something about 8 to 9 hours in reaching Rishikesh from Agra, so I passed my whole night on the bus. Therefore in the morning when I just had my morning tea, I found myself extremely pressed by the necessities of nature. I went to a lavatory which was on the bus stand. The in-charge charged me 10 bucks by which I was able to reduce the burden I was feeling (sorry for this shitty talk).

Now the Day Begins

Rishikesh is the city well-known for yoga and widely known as ‘Yoga capital of the World’. This city is beautifully covered by forested Himalayan hills and fiercely-fast-flowing of the Holy River Ganga gives a sense of paradise which descend from the heavens.

By a local transportation, I managed to reach Lakshman Jhoola, an eye-popping suspension bridge, which connects to villages Tapovan and Jonk. It was half-past six clicking in the clock in morning, the sun was about to rise and streets were getting ready by the impoverishing stalls.

The time was just unbelievable, it was like the world goes back to being the lost part of the life. There were the mountains, the heart-waving sound of fiercely flowing water of holy River Ganga, and the cloudless sky which was getting overshadowed by the rising sun rays. All this gave me the hint that I was on a day journey which could give me a lifelong story.

Things that I have done and places to visit in Rishikesh

At the very first, I went to a shop which provides bike on rent in Rishikesh and I have rented an Activa (scooter by Honda) on very least rates, 500 INR for the whole day. A shopkeeper asked me to show my driving license and he had taken my valid identity proof (Aadhaar Card). On the moment’s demand, I have taken a driving test of that scooty and then I moved on my trip.

Neer Garh Waterfall

I was told on the previous night that must visit the Neer Garh Waterfall, one can experience the mountain hiking over there. And literally, I have done the hike to Neer Garh Waterfall. The place was filled with serene and as I was told that make an early visit to that place if you want some peace. This is because as the time passes by this place starts getting rush. From Lakshman Jhoola, it is nearly 2 KM away in Tapovan and 9 km from Ram Jhoola. In order to do hiking to this waterfall, you need to buy a ticket first (Rs 30) and when I asked the in-charge for one, he was really stunned and confirmed “sure? For one?” and I assured “yes”.

I rode scooty on narrow roads of one of the Himalayan Mountain. Instead of visiting waterfall first, I rode too much up on the mountain and I found it worth riding. At that point, I found the whole Rishikesh city just below my feet with parallel passing River Ganga. Watching the whole city from that point was as soothing as someone watching its eternal journey. Afterward, I hiked up to the top shallow pool and it took me 20 minutes in the climb up that nose-bleeding hike. There were lots of butterflies flying hither and thither just filling the arena with their sparkling madness. I have taken bath in the topmost pool and slimmed as much as I was able to do. Till then, the sun was fully coming up over the horizon.

After visiting Neer Garh Waterfall, I have decided to take a round of the whole city so that I could able get whole see that what this city truly can offer me. As I was near to the Lakshman Jhoola, so I decided to take a ride over it. I would like to share one thing first, as I said “I decided” that is the thing which I wanted to feel. A solo traveler does the things whichever be he/she wanted to do. That is the freedom which most of the people wanted in their life, they wanted to do a thing without consulting them if they know it can give them some worthy experience.

Back to the point, I rode Activa over Lakshman Bridge many times in the whole day and every time I found it very relishing. The impenetrable swinging wind up, fast flowing water below makes the ride lovable on the bridge. Though it has traffic all the time it doesn’t trouble any visitor because the place provides various beautiful scenes. I crossed all the markets which were filled with travelers, locals, visitors and with various other species too. Then, I passed over from Ram Jhoola too and formed a circle.

The Beatles Ashram

places to visit in Rishikesh

I have spent my much time in its nearby city, Dehradun and made several visits to this city. This time my heart wanted to explore some off-the-beaten places instead of River Rafting. So, I covered the long Lakshman Jhoola again and moved towards The Beatles Ashram in Jonk village. This Ashram formerly known as The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram is located at the beautiful spot in Rajaji National Park. The location is perfect for meditation and Yoga as it has peaceful nature and quietly flowing River Ganga behind it.

This Ashram got famed when The Beatles made a visit to it. The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. They made a visit to the Ashram to learn the very skills of Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This place is for those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature and want to grasp the tranquillity of the motherland. This most-influencing band of that time made various songs in the vast hall. I have started listening to their songs and the one which I loved is “Let it be”. I simply loved this song, there are various other songs too and they all are nice.

The Ganga Beach

To the right side of Ram Jhoola in Jonk village, there is a beach called Ganga Beach. People visit this place, they sit there and feel the presence of godly powers. The mind soothing flowing water of River Ganga cures us out from the negative thoughts and filled it with pure and sensible thinking. As far as I can able to see, it was four and half in the afternoon, locals and foreigners were doing yoga and meditation. Some were having their holy dip and some were showing their skills of swimming. And I was sitting lost in the love of nature.

Putting my legs into the chilled waters of Ganges, I was sitting and admiring the creation of the creator. And I was just thinking how much the Lord has taken the time in creating whole this worldly stuff with so precision. The thinking took me much deeper and I found myself creating a castle-like structure (but ended up finding a not that much beautiful artist). Then I tried to talk some photographs and the results that I got were really very mesmerizing. After that, I have covered the distance from Ram Jhoola to Lakshman Jhoola through the inner roads of Jonk village.

Living the dream (tattoo inscription)

As I reached near to the Lakshman Jhoola Market, I found a very tattoo shop which is also a top rated tattoo shop on google. Kalka Tattoo (sacred tattooing), is the name of the shop and there I met a tattoo artist. With having many tattoos on his body, making some positive appearance, he was ready to assist me. I gave him the words which I wanted to be inscribed on my right hand from wrist to elbow (forearm), he soon reverted me with the designs and asked me to choose one.

The words which are now on my forearm is OM NAMAH SHIVAAY, it was like dream come true to me. I really felt awesome at the tattoo shop and I feel very joyous at each time when I look at my forearm. From whence, I got that watching dream come true is the only feeling which can give you the all which you deserve. It was a little dream and I convert into a plan within few minutes and it is giving me the happiness. Now onwards, I am going to live all my dreams so that I could be the most auspicious human being.

Living Rishikesh with a feeling that I will soon come back

The sun was on the verge of dawn and I made my way to return the Activa, at the shop which was on the opposite side in Tapovan. To reach their the Lakshman Jhoola was the only way, as I reached the bridge I saw the moment to whom I love the most and it is the time of sunset. At that very moment, I felt that nature rewards them who praise its beauty and the one who lost him/herself in its beauty. In the fact of time, I returned the scooter and headed towards bus stand. Hardly, I covered 100 meters, the whole sky suddenly covered up with rainy clouds and produced a cool breeze.

I found myself lost in the simplicity of that small hill, in the bells of the temples, in the cloudy evening which made my trip awesome. I understood once again that the greatness of God always reveals itself in the simple things. With a plethora of unforgettable memories, I moved back to Agra and I promised myself only that I will make next visit soon.


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