Munsiyari: The Little Kashmir


It was a bit more colder night, the temperature was around -1 degree Celsius. The clock was sticking quarter past 10 and I was in the Munsiyari. Munsiyari was wholly covered in the snow and that moonshine was making the whole scene unforgettable. It was like the Moon was in the pleasure of making that snow-covered small village, the second Kashmir of India.


Uttarakhand’s Most Beautiful Part


Munsiyari is a small village, situated at the base of the great Himalayan ranges, in the district of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Not having more than 10,000 population, Munsiyari is 2200 meters above the sea level. Munsiyari name has a meaning and it is ‘a place with snow’. And believe me, this place is as beautiful as it sounds. Literally, this is the place where I would love to lose myself.

Munsiyari Home Stay
View From The Room

Don’t know how and in which matters, but I must tell you that I have a great connection with the Himalayan ranges. At first, I was studied in a college in Dehradun, a city or interim capital of Uttarakhand. This city was situated peacefully on the foothills of Himalayas, giving a charismatic view of Mussoorie. And nearly a year ago, I had Amarnath Yatra. One of those religious treks in India which are acquiring a greater part of Himalayas.


And now I recently ended-up exploring Munsiyari. A guy like me, nature lover and adventure enthusiast, this place is like a room full of toys, for a kid. And I literally was feeling very pleased by spending time in that province of Munsiyari.

How to Reach Munsiyari from Delhi

At the very starting of this year, I have read about this place in a blog post and it left me stoned. By the grace of the Lord, I got the chance to visit this place around Independence Day and with all spirit and enthusiasm, I have celebrated it very amazingly.


I started my journey from Delhi. From there I took a bus to Haldwani, a city in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It took me to 8 hours in reaching Haldwani, and from there I took a cab (pre-booked) that took me to the Munsiyari. The whole journey was of 24 hours approx. 650 kilometers, time which is worth taking, if you want to see the realm of the Himalayan ranges.

You can reach Haldwani from other major cities, but to reach Munsiyari, you have to be in Haldwani (a distance of 300 kilometers). This part of the Uttarakhand known as the Kumaon region. Basically, Uttarakhand is divided into two parts Kumaon and Garhwal regions.

Places to visit in Munsiyari

Like the Rishikesh and Fatehpur Sikri, this small village is also having some handful of places. The places which make a mind more enthusiastic about traveling and living.

Shubham Traveler

As it said, I have spent this Independence Day in the middle of great Himalayan peaks, Panchachuli Peaks, Hansling, and other Johar Valley Peaks. So I started my day by hosting my country’s flag from the compound of this city.

Dana Dhar Ridge

Shubham Varshney

As this city was covered in snow from head to toe, I walked 3 kilometers to reach this ridge. From this place, the scenic view that Munsiyari provides is just way beyond beautiful. This just like the Switzerland of our India.

Gori Ganga River

To the extends of Johar Valley, Munsiyari is also blessed with a river, Gori Ganga, source Milam Glacier. This meadow part of this Pithoragarh District is sole capable enough to draw the attention of peace and spiritual lover. At this part, the soul gets directly connected to the mind and provides a great view of the inner self.

Khaliya Top

Munsiyari Way

It is a trek of 8 kilometers, not easy but worth having. And to be honest, I can’t be able to reach this place just because of the excessive amount of snow. A layer of 4 feet, could you believe that? It is said that this year breaks the record of the last 22 years. This 2019 is much colder than the last two decades. Anyways, just because of this place, I have to visit this place again in the future. PROMISE.


Wow! Before visiting this place I had only heard about the place which having hot-springs. Yes, this place is having hot-springs. They say that these hot pools are for the tired ones and believe me they have given rest to every single part of my body.

Munsiyari for Adventurous Souls

Munsiyari winter sports destination

The name of this place is reaching at the top level in the winter sports destinations of India. Year by year this place is getting more and more travelers as well as tourists. Munsiyari sounds best for professional skiers, also it is best for the learners. And to my amazement, I have also tried skiing for the very first time in my life.

Trekking Routes

Munsiyari works as the gateway for the trekkers because it is the origin place for many glaciers like Milan, Ralam, Nanda Devi, Nanda Devi Base, and many more.

Milam Glacier

A trek of 60 kilometers starts from this small village of Uttarakhand. Skilled mountaineers take this place in their count and try to get all the best possibilities.

Namik Glacier

The Namik glacier trek is located on Kumaon Himalayas at an altitude of 3,600 meters. It is 40 km from Munsiyari and situated at the villages of Gogina and Namik. The glacier can be reached by trekking from Bala village on Thal-Munsiyari road near Birthi Fall. It is 129 km from Pithoragarh.

Let Me Tell You a Story

It was the evening time and as the said the whole arena was covered in the snow. The sun was just about to go below the horizon and the best part of that time was, the Panchachuli peaks were turned into orange color. And I think watching those snow-capped peaks turning to orange and then it originality was my one of the best moments, that I was stolen from the vibes.


Everyone in the town was searching for the wooden pieces so that in the night they could give relief from that frozen winds. So did I. With some locals, I went on searching some dry wooden pieces and luckily we found three but they were half wet and half dry.

While returning from the woods, we were carrying lakdi (wood). But people standing nearby, watching us taking them, were continuously staring at us. Like, we were just carrying a ladki (girl). As if we were culprits and just about to make any sin. That moment was one that I will not forget ever.

Best Time to Visit Munsiyari

Summer (March to June)

Munsiyari is very rich in flora and fauna. In this time of the year, this place gets a moderate temperature (suitable for everything). The Sun warm, the cool breeze, and fiercely flowing of Gori Ganga, all these things make this season most awesome.

In this period of time, every trekking route opens up for the Mountaineers and trekkers. This is the time which allows trekkers to reach at the Nanda Devi Base via Munsiyari.

Monsoon (July to September)

This is the time which will tell you that what a meadow is? The lush green mountain peaks and trailing on them could be the time which is suitable best for inner peace.

In this season, various kinds of medicinal plants found. And they are used in making various kinds of medicine like Keeda Ghas, Cannabis, and many others.

Winter (October to February)

To experience India’s best snow-fall, Munsiyari is the picture-perfect place. Also, this is the season which is not good for trekkers but good for skiers. Munsiyari is one of the winter sports destinations.

If you love to watch falling snow or feeling it on the cheeks then this is the place for you and the best time in the winters in the last of January.


Top 7 Luxury Trains In India That Are Worth Witnessing

Literally, Indian Government and IRCTC pleased me a lot. And I am very sure that this very post can make you feel proud on Indian Government and IRCTC. A joint venture of these both started some special trains for the comfort of tourists.

As India is the country which is rich in acoustic monuments, eye-soothing scenic beauty, flora and Fauna. So, to provide a complete sense of travelling and tourism there are 7 Luxury Trains in India.

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In today’s world where people have a fantasy of traveling back in time, grandeur and royalty of these super luxury trains are sure to excite you. There are a total of 7 luxury trains in India which are managed by the government and Indian Railway Catering and Tourist Corporation shortly termed as IRCTC.

Top 7 Luxury Trains in India

These trains are namely Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Royal Orient Train, and Fairy Queen Express.

All these trains are a must visit for the tourists who desire to explore the cultural heritage of Ancient India living in the lap of nature.

These trains can fulfil even the slightest of your wants you could possibly think of, be it the interior, food, staff or security.

A journey from these trains through the most popular tourist destinations of India is what you can find in every tourist’s bucket list. Let’s get started to know more about them.

Maharajas’ Express

Maharajas' Express
Source: Google

Apart from being the best Luxury train in India, the Maharajas’ Express is also one of the top 5 Super luxury trains in the whole world. The train is approximately half a mile in length. In all certainty it claims to have the highest quality of hospitality, lavish suites, easing services and much more.

If one wants to take a royal journey to India’s top tourist destinations and explore the richness of the country in the most distinguished manner, the Maharajas’ Express is surely the right choice. The train was voted ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ for the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014, consecutively.

It comprises 23 carriages which include accommodation, dining, bar, lounge, generator and store cars. Its services was started in March 2010.

Maharajas’ Express Fare

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

The Royal Rajasthan is one of the most luxurious trains in India. Primarily known for offering supreme quality of comfort and traveling experience, it has 14 cabins, multiple restaurants, bars, and spa services. This train lives up to its expectations and has great demand for Luxury train Journeys by the tourists.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Source: Google

The Royal Rajasthan on wheels is structured on the Palace of Wheels and follow the similar route through the state of Rajasthan. It was launched in January 2009.

Palace On Wheels

The Palace on Wheels is one of the of the elite trains in India. It was refurbished and launched again in 2009 to promote and enhance the tourism sector. The train provides the guests with luxurious hospitality, wallpapers, well-stocked bars and experience of the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Palace On Wheels
Source: Google

It is no less than a Royal Palace running on Wheels. This train was also awarded 4th most luxurious train in the whole world. It is surely the best choice if one is planning a luxurious trip to Rajasthan.

The Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey is no less than a 5-star hotel on wheels which travels across some of the fascinating parts of the country. It is well known for its Royal treatment to its passengers, luxurious restaurants and bars, conference cars, spa services and much more.

Deccan Odyssey
Source: Google

The idea of such a train was inspired by the traveling style of the kings and rulers of Ancient India.

It is also one of the most super luxury trains in the world.

Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot is one of the super luxury trains in India which travels across various parts of Southern India. It was launched in 2008 and is remarkably known for its hospitality.

Luxury Trains in India
Source: Google

The train has air-conditioned chambers with royal interiors, bars, restaurants serving various cuisines, mini gym, spa, and other 5-star facilities. It was awarded as ‘Asia’s leading Luxury train’ in the year 2013.

Golden Chariot
Source: Google

It provides accommodations in 44 cabins which are in 11 coaches named after the dynasties that ruled the region: Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Satavahana, Yadukula, and Vijayanagar.

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation and the Maple group manages the train.

It runs between the months of October to March.

Royal Orient Train

The Royal Orient which is one of the leading luxury trains in India is surely the right choice for someone who wants to have a delightful traveling experience to the most famous tourist destinations in the country.

Royal Orient
Source: Google

It offers comfortable cabins, hospitable attendants, luxurious restaurants and bars, relaxing bath and a library. It runs all year round and one must experience its royal journey.

Royal Orient train runs between Gujarat and Rajasthan covering all the important tourist destinations that lie between these two states. There are a total of 13 coaches in the train named after the kings. It started in the year 1994.

Fairy Queen Express

The Fairy Queen Express is one of the oldest luxury trains providing services in India.

Fairy Queen Express
Source: Google

The train has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records and has received National tourism award. It is also known as the East India Railway Nr. 22 and occasionally runs between New Delhi and Alwar. It was Iaunched in the year 1982. It is surely the pride of India.

2018 Year In Review: My First Year of Travel Blogging

No one knows that what life has destined for, only a particular phase comes and it gives matter to life. Quite a few nights ago, I was deep down in my memory lane and searching for the things which I have gained. Basically, I was gathering content for my 2018 Year in Review.

And you know what, the list is so big that I went straight to the different level, sleep, from that memory lane.

About two years ago, I was not known for what I meant, what I will be going to do in life and so many other things. But there is one thing that spaced in my mind that whatever be the circumstance will come, I will do something that will make my life meaningful.

And now, Here I am

Dream Thought

It almost being a year of my travel blogging. Each one of us wants to be the hero of our own life and we just want to make our story, a blockbuster one. Believe me, when I do daydreaming, I consider myself some superhuman type thing and started saving the world from this cancer, insomnia, and smartphones (I know it sounds horrible).

If I talk about my graduation, I am a Software Engineer. But if I make some slight chances, means Software replace by Writer and Engineer by Content, then it will make more sense to describe my profession.

This 2018 has completely changed my life, it gave me the direction, the journey, and destiny. And the combination of all these I made it JOURNEY TO THE WORLD’S HEART.

Looking back in 355 days, here is my 2018 Year in Review. It is comprised of all the major and minor achievements of mine.

The 2018 Year in Review Month Wise


As we all love to celebrate and cherish the very first day of the year with our loved ones, I chose to celebrate it with my FAMILY. I have done all the usual proceedings (no partying or harsh sound), the thing which I have remembered the most, that scrumdiddlyumptious, Mattar Paneer. My mom cooked it on the New Year’s night.

I have started my travel blogging from the second day of 2018 and there is a post Confronted 2017 and Giving Welcome to 2k18! Published in the first Week of New Year.

Believe me, now when I had look at that confronted 2017… post, I came to point that everything comes from a great practice and continuity. At first, I have started this blog for fun but now realized that blogging is much more of a fun.

I began my voyage to the center of this World from Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

Have you heard some places which gave the best sunrise moment? Well if you actually have heard then for sure Taj Mahal must be at a good position, so I had sunrise at Taj Mahal. And I swear on my lord, it was out-of-the-box.


When this month first came in most of the people’s mind, love, peace, friendship, caringness, Et cetera, scattered all around. And experience this month in Agra city is just like icing on the cake.

The main streets of Agra lighten up all around the valentine week, and after that, the Taj part brightens up in the lights of Taj Mahotsav held in Shilpgram. I enjoyed this 10-days carnival to the depth.

Taj Mahal From AGra Fort

Also, in this month I have checked out the two World UNESCO Heritage Sights which Agra has claimed, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. And to my amazement, there are several things to see in Agra Fort and there is a brief Fatehpur Sikri History.

Fatehpur Sikri History


This month started with the blast of second most revered festival in India, Holi. And during this festival I have explored that city in which it celebrated with enthusiasm more than the rest of the country part, Barsana.

I had a 2 days trip to Barsana, a small village having connection with Hindu mythology. There are various things to do in Barsana and lots of places to see.

I liked this village very much, this is either because of my deep beliefs in almighty powers or it was just the serene beauty of this village.


Calming rays of Sun, ferociously standing green mountains and coming out of a river (Ganga) from them, this is how I would like to portrait Rishikesh.

places to visit in rishikesh
Click of Year

At the starting of this month, I made a plan to escape of out from my working schedule. So I planned a day trip to Rishikesh and found out that there are lots of places to visit in Rishikesh.

Many people said, “What you will be going to do in Rishikesh in just one day?” I literally showed them and when I said Literally, I mean it.

sunset in rishikesh

I got tattooed, got my favorite picture, and had a beautiful evening in the laps of Nature. It can be considered as the most fruitful month in my 2018 year in review.

May & June

I think every person in childhood loved these months because they are the months of summer holidays. The days in which we had done all the things which we wanted to do but those burning hot days will never be the same.

This year, I have passed these days in my 10-7 den. Reading books and eating lots of Mangos and watermelons.

I have taken interviews of some successful people and found out some answers of questions to ask a successful person. And honestly, the answers of those people influenced me very much and they still are helping me in order to get down on the right track of life.


The most adventurous month of this year, I had two back to back trips in this month. First-one was my dream trip, Amarnath Yatra 2018 and the second-one was of Ranthambore – Office Annual Meet (Not Safari).

Visiting the Amarnath cave was my dream since childhood (it will remain forever and whenever I will got chance, I will definitely convert it into fruit). Amarnath Yatra is one of the top 10 religious treks in India and I have proudly scribbled it onto my travel journal.


Taj Mahal

The Birthday Month. I love this month because of several reasons. The very first-one is it is my birth month, the month of rains and loaded clouds, the month of tranquility over a great drought and many more.

Also, it is the month which brings back the festivity in India after a long haul (no festival in May, June, and July). Let me tell you one thing it is the only month which has a meaning and which is also an adjective, August means noble/generous/AUSPICIOUS (the meaning of my name).

I LOVE this month! And it can also be considered as the best month of this 2018 year in review.

September & October

September goes up as it may like to pass straight away. No Bad memory – No Good Memory. Though, it gave me the knowledge of 7 virtues of Life for an enlighten living. On the other hand, this October brought me some gifts.

Having a good camera in hands and a map of a place in heart, is the dream that always twinkle in the mind of travelers. Especially in mine. At the very starting of the October, I bought a FujiFilm XT – 100 camera. It is just outstanding.

Also, I have started routine workout or I can say trying to reinstate it in my schedule.

Diwali Celebration

It is the late October the whole country was just like murmuring the song of Diwali Celebration 2018.

November & December

Stillness in River Yamuna, the warmth of those sunny days, with a richer hue of ice in the air, will best describe these November and December.

After a long chase in Game of Thrones, these months also tell us that winter is coming. Jokes apart, how many of you love winters? If yes, what is the best part of it? Tell me in the comment Section.

I just love winters, especially that cloths part. I love to wear good cloths, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and my favorite, Blazers. It is somewhere in my mind that winters provide me the time to being classy.

The Trumpets of New Year Celebration started blowing in the Whole World. We all are on the verge of entering in a new year. Giving a map to 2018 year in review, thinking the best and the worst in the whole past year.

Thinking not to repeat those mistakes which had done in the past. Nonetheless, thinking a productive and fruitful year ahead.

The 2018 Year Books Review

I have heard that listening makes speaking better and reading makes writing better. Regardless of any Language. So, in the starting of the 2018, I made a good decision that about of part of my day, I will give it to the books. And I am proud of my decision.

I have tried to read as many books as I can in this 2018, but the count stops at ten (Not a bad number for a beginner. And now from the God’s will, the graph will move upward only.

Below is the list of Books that I read in 2018 and out of these the books that I liked very much are The Fault in Our Stars and The Alchemist.

Plans for 2019?

Yet, we are no one to decide our plans in front of that supreme power. But this mind went of wandering. And creates a bunch of future goals.

In 2019, I will try to make as many travel stories as I can, I will try out helping needful people so that I can add it in my year in review. I will try to capture some beautiful photographs to tell people that our Nature is the gift to us from our Lords.

I have to read all the famous Holy Books that are present in this World, starting from the Bhagvad Gita.

Taking a workout routine to a different level. Putting on weight will be the task in Focus.

Well, here comes the end of my 2018 year in review. What’s the good thing in yours? Share with me, with your loved one and try to figure out the best and the worst. THINK OUTSIDE The BOX!

Amarnath Yatra Guide

This is a full Amarnath Yatra Guide. In this post, I have covered all the pin-points that are useful from the perspective of this most revered pilgrimage. I have tried to cover many questions that are frequently asked by the holy lovers.

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As many of you know that I recently had the privilege of visiting Amarnath Cave at Amarnath Yatra 2018 and shared my experience of this glorious trek as the legend of Amarnath Temple. And after living the every moment of this holy trek, honestly, I am feeling more alive and focused.

Registration Process for Amarnath Yatra

The abode of Lord Shiva or the Amarnath Cave is situated about 13,500 feet above from the sea level in Southern-Kashmir Himalayas. And in today’s day and time, to reach that adoring cave became much easier (not that much easier). Border Security Force and National Security Guards made the task easier. So as the registration process transform itself.

Amarnath Yatra

Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, the caretaker and the whole-sole unity which makes the dream of many come true, has throne many easier ways. Like for the form you can simply go to this Application Form, to know about the submitting that form in the bank branches simple click on this. At the registration branch, Yatri has to submit a correctly filled application form and a Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC).

To apply for Yatra Permit, the applicant-Yatri will submit the following document.

  • Filled-in prescribed Application Form.
  • Prescribed CHC issued on or after the specified date by the medical institution.
  • Four Passport Size photographs and an Identity proof (later on the Yatra).

It is up to us that from which path we want to reach the holy cave. Either from Pahalgam or Baltal. The Pahalgam route is full of heavenly charms but 40 kilometers long and quite easier to trek down. And the Baltal route is of 14 Kilometers but dangerous one because it has very narrow trenches and very steep

Health Guidelines for Piligrimage of Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Cave Yatra

It is the face that we could suffer from the high altitude sickness if we go above the 8000 feet. And in climbing to the cave, there are more chances of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Below are the various problems that could be rise on Amarnath Yatra.

  • High Altitude Cerebral Oedema – It is a very serious AMS and it occurs due to the swelling in the brain tissue. It is so dangerous that it can damage the brain. Symptoms of this disease are breathing problem, headache, fatigue, low eyesight, and paralyses.
  • High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema – Due to this problem one might be suffer from failure of respiratory system. And it is due to the amassing of fluid in the lungs. Symptoms are weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, chest tightness, congestion and increased heart rate.

What to do to avoid High Altitude Sickness

  • Provide enough time to your body so that you can save yourself more from the disease. It is highly recommended that first 48 hours of climbing should be slow.
  • Take such much as liquid substance as you can because at high altitude dehydration is a common process. So consume 4 liters of water, juice, watermelon and cucumber.
  • Eat food that contains carbohydrate in bulk because the food that contains carbohydrate helps us in fighting with AMS.
  • Do not take any medicine without the prior consent of Doctor, it may cause fatigue very badly.
  • Mountains are not the place to showcase skills, it is better if you climb mountain but respect them and never try to win it.
  • If you suffer from breathing problem, take a portable small oxygen cylinder that you can carry easily.
  • Please do not consume alcohol or any other liquid that contaminated with caffeine. Please do not smoke, and stay away from sleeping pills.

Amarnath Green Initiative

Amarnath Yatra
  • Use of plastic is strictly prohibited
  • Dump the plastic or any non-biodegradable thing at the proper place.
  • All the necessary measurement have been taken to fight with the garbage.
  • New sewage system has installed by the government.

Dos and Don’ts for a successful Amarnath Yatra


  • Before a month of having Amarnath Yatra, start doing a simple workout. Have 4 kilometer walk in a day. It will be better if you do yoga.
  • As the trek covers the steep snow-covered mountains and you have to cover them in that freezing temp. Please take sufficient woolen clothes, rain jacket or poncho, trekking shoes, and a torch.
  • During the trek, you should have these things in your knapsack, enough water bottles, dry fruits, chocolates, and toffees.
  • Please take any of the authentic identity proof or the Yatra slip.
  • Please follow the instruction given by the Shree Amarnath Shrine board and pay attention to the updates which come very frequently.
  • This whole world is the part of the Lord Shiva, the mountains, the earth, and the air he loves them a lot. Please take care of them.


  • Do not stop at points which are under the sign of dangerous, follow the Army person advice.
  • Please Do not try to cover short-cuts or small routes, it may be a mole of the life.
  • Do not litter plastic en-route to Cave, the use of plastic is strictly prohibited and actionable offence.

Frequently Asked Questions (Amarnath Yatra Guide)

How can I go to Amarnath Yatra?

It that’s just simple that you visit to your nearest town. Just make it a will to have a view of the Linga. Fill up the registration form either by going to nearest bank branch of J & K or by online on the website of shrine board.

What is the cost of Amarnath Yatra?

The money you will need is only in the registration, reaching to Pahalgam or Baltal, and from returning to the home. The basic needs will be taken care of well by the Bhandaras. In the total of these, one must have 8000 INR (most probably).

How long is the Amarnath Yatra?

As I have discussed that there are two routes for Cave, one is from Pahalgam and the second is from Baltal. From Pahalgam, pilgrim have to cover 40 kilometers and from Baltal, it is of 14 kilometers.

How long does it take for Amarnath Yatra?

From Pahalgam, the Yatra will be of 5 to 6 days and from Baltal it can be covered in a day only.