Journey Starts From Agra and Urged Me to Do These Things

The Taj Mahal

To start this post I have to take you all a year back. About a year and a few months ago I had a visit to my sister’s home, Agra. Where my brother-in-law and she lives in a rental apartment. There was somewhere in my mind that this could be a better place for me, either to do a preparation for CAT or for any companies aptitude test. I am very fond of reading books, especially on mythology. As I was an average student, so I could not make it to CAT but some of the MNCs called me, as I passed their expectation level (I am mentioning all the above stuff just because I want that you people should know about me). And by the time, I was smitten with this city of amidst romance. And this city led me closer to my dream.

As we all know that Agra is the home of The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this city gets thousands of visitors every day. The flocking of tourists on roads can be easily seen on the weekends because Agra is a picture-perfect place for a picnic to the people who live nearby it. This city works as a backbone to Uttar Pradesh’s financial system and an antidote to a wanderer who has a lust of exploring fine art. People from various part of the world can be seen in this city and they all visit this city just to quench their souls. One can do various mind-brewing things in this city, as it has ample amount of monuments and beautiful places. But below are the things which are truly experienced by me.

Top things to do in Agra:

I have taken plenty of hours in deciding what should be shared in this column from innumerable things which can inspire a seeker for having a visit to this city of the crown. And after a great brainstorming, here are the top results. Honestly, this city urged me or plead me to do these things and I would like to do these again and again, whenever I will get the chances.

sunrise view of the taj mahal

  • Watching the teardrop(Taj Mahal) at the Sunrise:-

It is said that this marvelous monument changes its color as the daylight changes and it is really a fact. Although, till now I haven’t visited Taj Mahal at the Sunrise, I assure you that my next post will be on it. I would like to share that moment with you all and I will give you an imaginary tour of it. I am discussing it because this is the thing which I wanted to include it in my “checked” list, from the very right moment when I first heard about it. Unluckily, I couldn’t make it. I am considering a phrase” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.

Mohabbat The Taj Show Agra

  • Live show at Kalakrati Cultural and Convention centre:-

Very near to Taj Mahal’s east gate, there is a convention centre named as Kalakrati. On every evening, a live show is used to perform by the various amazing artist on how and on what conditions, this monument was built. One can book a ticket from various online sites or by direct visiting on official site. Really, this show is worth watching. There is also a fact which is residing in this centre and that is, a replica of Taj Mahal. This convention centre is having one of the finest replicas of this splendid monument.


  • Have a taste of mouth-watering Mughlai Cuisines:-

Agra city had the privilege of being ruled by some great emperors of Mughal dynasty and the history says that Mughals were fond of eating tasty food. This city had many amazing chefs and from them, some inherited this property and serving their best to the foodies. One can easily find a restaurant which can provide best Mughlai dish but I recommend Navratan Korma at Pinch of spice. When this dish will be served with aromatic spices, I bet you, you will not be able to control your sense.

These are mine top things which I have done in this city till now and a lot more left to experience. My future post will be on some mesmerizing views of Taj Mahal and on other various hidden gems of this city. Are you on board?

Confronted 2017 and Giving welcome to 2k18 !

We all have just stepped in MMXVII (2018), I know it may offend some of you. Writing two zero one eight in roman is like talking to infant and in my greetings that I had sent to my friends and family members, the year was written like this. Some of my friends told me what was that stupidity but for me, I was not. Honestly, when I first looked at Gregorian calendar the first thing that came to my mind is writing 2018 in roman numbers so I did. The whole world is passing their greetings to their loved ones and wishes to make best out of it.

For me, the last year is a very great lesson, some of the very good things I have learned and as I have said it a lessons so some I have forgotten. Things that I have learned are numerous in numbers so I just discuss some of them. The first thing that I am not able to forget in my whole life is holding a Bachelor degree in my hand and it was unforgettable because it had really done a very hard work for it. I was average in studies so by anyhow or by hook or crook I obtain that degree that’s why it was a very hard work for me.

Somewhat in the middle of the past year, I had completed my fourth novel, niche methodology. I love to read about myths and about superstitious powers. In fact, I can call it my favourite time pass. And in the month of May, my great devotional love towards my Lord Shiva lead me to my destiny. I am doing not a great work but it is so-so, I am just loving my work. By the end of the year, I thought about blogging and a keen desire brought me here, in front of you all. My first post, “For a good relation communication is must” draws the good attention of my loving ones.

We are already in 2018 and couple of days just gone as the year 2017, people made many resolutions and a few of many sticks to their resolution(s). Those who stick to their resolutions had a very strong mental power and those who don’t like me find them unimportant or in the funnier way “Abhi to bahut saal aur jeena hai (it’s still a lot of years)”. But this time I have not made a single resolution either I don’t want to change any of my habits that I am having right now, no matter how good or bad they are. In deep in my mind, I think none of a thing will be good or bad, it’s the thinking only which made it good or bad.

Although, I consider myself a reveller and I like to attend parties, listening loud music is my best part of the day. In spite of that, I gave a cool welcome and celebrated this festival (can be called as a festival) with my palpable gods, my mom, and dad. On the eve of the New Year’s I stayed at home and had a dinner with both of them, we watched some shows which were coming on some prime channels. At the very right moment when calendar of my iPhone’s changed, we hugged each other and had a great sleep. That was somewhat great and somewhat not great as I knew that my friends were having a great revel.

I woke up early in the morning and had my first New Year road trip of 20 km to the Ramghat, a village near to my town. In this village is very fortunate one because River Ganga is flowing from it. Sitting on the bank of River Ganga, I rejuvenated myself from all the worries and doubts and in return, I had a clear focus and an image of a sunrise. I am taking this 2018 year as the very auspicious one not only for me but for all of us. This year will take all of us closer to our dreams, I am wishing this for all, that’s the only thing by which I can contribute my part for the Nation.

Wishing you a Very great Happy New Year


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For a good relation Communication is must !!!

Hello World, I am just at 24 and I work in a small organization which provides all sorts of solution related to the web world. While working in this organization I get the opportunity to read about things which are in my Nation or infinitely far from it. I have read many blogs on traveling and there are so many travelers in this World who meander through the streets of their favorite cities and they share their experiences with the whole World. Just like them, it’s my journey to the World’s heart and I want to get more and more knowledge about each and every single gem of this World which are hidden in the secret box of Nature.

I am an Indian, proudly and just want to serve the best to my Incredible Nation. I am just one of them, who wants to travel this whole world and more often I just daydreamed about it. Sometimes I dream about the leaning tower of Pisa that I am standing on a side of it and posing for a photograph, sometimes on sitting on the couch of my home I find myself tasting the pizzas of Italy and having a sip of Ontario’s famous wine. I just want to make this newbie passion as a profession also. My friends used to tell me that I can attract people by my thoughts.

I am starting this blog, Travelr Network for the people who really wanted to know about the amazing and heritage things of this World. This World is full of many mind-boggling and eye-catching landscapes, there are many beaches which provide amazing views of Sunset. Not many but there a few places that I have visited and later on I will share my experience of those places with some amazing photographs that I have taken. Here you will get the ordinary and some extraordinary facts about the places, food, and culture. Here, willingly or unwillingly one can find his/her favotite food or food item. And as me, I like to taste good food items as I consider myself a foodie.

Michael Palin, a famous English actor and writer said some beautiful lines which housed in my heart and these are “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”.

Last but not the least, It’s my journey to the World’s heart and I will be very happy and will find myself fortunate one if you all my lovely friends or would be friends can join me on this journey. The World’s heart is so big that there we all can build a gargantuan penthouse to live like a king. On this amazing journey, we have to do only one thing, that is opening our arms and feel the real charisma of this World. That’s it for now. It’s a time to take a break, close your eyes and find yourself at an amazing place.