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Hello World, I am just at 24 and I work in a small organization which provides all sorts of solution related to the web world. While working in this organization I get the opportunity to read about things which are in my Nation or infinitely far from it. I have read many blogs on traveling and there are so many travelers in this World who meander through the streets of their favorite cities and they share their experiences with the whole World. Just like them, it’s my journey to the World’s heart and I want to get more and more knowledge about each and every single gem of this World which are hidden in the secret box of Nature.

I am an Indian, proudly and just want to serve the best to my Incredible Nation. I am just one of them, who wants to travel this whole world and more often I just daydreamed about it. Sometimes I dream about the leaning tower of Pisa that I am standing on a side of it and posing for a photograph, sometimes on sitting on the couch of my home I find myself tasting the pizzas of Italy and having a sip of Ontario’s famous wine. I just want to make this newbie passion as a profession also. My friends used to tell me that I can attract people by my thoughts.

I am starting this blog, Travelr Network for the people who really wanted to know about the amazing and heritage things of this World. This World is full of many mind-boggling and eye-catching landscapes, there are many beaches which provide amazing views of Sunset. Not many but there a few places that I have visited and later on I will share my experience of those places with some amazing photographs that I have taken. Here you will get the ordinary and some extraordinary facts about the places, food, and culture. Here, willingly or unwillingly one can find his/her favotite food or food item. And as me, I like to taste good food items as I consider myself a foodie.

Michael Palin, a famous English actor and writer said some beautiful lines which housed in my heart and these are “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”.

Last but not the least, It’s my journey to the World’s heart and I will be very happy and will find myself fortunate one if you all my lovely friends or would be friends can join me on this journey. The World’s heart is so big that there we all can build a gargantuan penthouse to live like a king. On this amazing journey, we have to do only one thing, that is opening our arms and feel the real charisma of this World. That’s it for now. It’s a time to take a break, close your eyes and find yourself at an amazing place.


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