Could February be the best month to visit Agra?

From the snow-capped mountains of the far North to the tropical green shores of the Deep South, India is having a legion number of amazing things. And those things are just hidden in its heart only, one can easily hear its beats. The only thing which we have to do in order to hear them is we have to move out from our comfort zone and have to sail our boats in the upwind direction. We can hear them either in our surroundings or even in the work whatever be we do. And I am going to hear it in the upcoming carnival, Taj Mahotsav (I will discuss it later in this post). There is a city in the Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, which is having many gems, Agra. This city is having the real charm of India that is Taj Mahal and about its beauty, I have discussed in “this”. Here I am going to discuss that why February is the best month to visit Agra.

Weather of Agra in February month

Agra is one of those places which are capable enough for giving a warm welcome to a New Year in the chilled winters. As the January passes by, in February Agra’s weather undergoes the transition from winter to summer, chilled days start getting warmer gradually. The days are kind enough with an average temperature between 20 – 25o Celsius. Such pleasant weather conditions provide the best time to visit Agra city and allows wanderers to a joyful glimpse of the monuments that this city is having. A deadly combination of cool midst and Luke warm sunrays, make this month more exotic.

Returning to the Question

Because of many things February is the best month to visit Agra and here I am discussing only those which I have experienced till now. As we all know that, February is for romance, love, and pleasure, so did this city. Agra is having a well-known monument Taj Mahal, which is the symbol of pure love and romance. Besides this monument, Agra is also a destination for themed weddings. It is the fact that February is the best month for Indian nuptials (marriage). One can easily see some hotels or gardens decorated with amazing flowers or lights in this month. Foreigners love the Indian culture and their traditions. They love to see the Indian weddings, all that Band, Baja, and Baraat.

Second Thing, In February month, Agra host a great festival which known as Taj Mahotsav. This is festival is for those who just want to have a glimpse of art, craft, culture, and cuisine. This is a 10-day long carnival, held every year in the month of February. This year it is scheduled from 18th Feb to 27th Feb in Shilpgram near to Eastern Gate of Taj Mahal. Actually, it is a platform which can provide information about India’s rich art, craft, cuisine, culture, dance, and music. One can enjoy all these things at one place. Imagine that, you are tasting the best eateries in this world at the same time you are watching people having fun by doing some other activities. One is dancing on the beats and some are bargaining for some stuff.

The upcoming Taj Mahotsav is the 27th, it means Agra successfully enjoyed this carnival 26 times (AMAZING). The theme of this festival in this year is Dharohar (Heritage). Honestly, I have not make it yet, to experience the aroma of it. I assure you that, I am going to experience it this time and I will share my every single moment which I will spend in this festival with all of you. Really I am very excited to encounter this carnival. I have asked many people in the excitement that what could be we do in this festival, there is only one answer which I got and it is “just experience it on your own”. They say that the words are not good enough to describe this jamboree.

Before making to this jamboree, I have planned my next post which should be on Agra Fort (Hope). So, stay connected and stay happy. And more importantly always have a nature of acquiring knowledge on our surroundings. Eat whatever you want to eat, pull legs of your siblings, and do the things which make you feel happy.


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