Confronted 2017 and Giving welcome to 2k18 !

We all have just stepped in MMXVII (2018), I know it may offend some of you. Writing two zero one eight in roman is like talking to infant and in my greetings that I had sent to my friends and family members, the year was written like this. Some of my friends told me what was that stupidity but for me, I was not. Honestly, when I first looked at Gregorian calendar the first thing that came to my mind is writing 2018 in roman numbers so I did. The whole world is passing their greetings to their loved ones and wishes to make best out of it.

For me, the last year is a very great lesson, some of the very good things I have learned and as I have said it a lessons so some I have forgotten. Things that I have learned are numerous in numbers so I just discuss some of them. The first thing that I am not able to forget in my whole life is holding a Bachelor degree in my hand and it was unforgettable because it had really done a very hard work for it. I was average in studies so by anyhow or by hook or crook I obtain that degree that’s why it was a very hard work for me.

Somewhat in the middle of the past year, I had completed my fourth novel, niche methodology. I love to read about myths and about superstitious powers. In fact, I can call it my favourite time pass. And in the month of May, my great devotional love towards my Lord Shiva lead me to my destiny. I am doing not a great work but it is so-so, I am just loving my work. By the end of the year, I thought about blogging and a keen desire brought me here, in front of you all. My first post, “For a good relation communication is must” draws the good attention of my loving ones.

We are already in 2018 and couple of days just gone as the year 2017, people made many resolutions and a few of many sticks to their resolution(s). Those who stick to their resolutions had a very strong mental power and those who don’t like me find them unimportant or in the funnier way “Abhi to bahut saal aur jeena hai (it’s still a lot of years)”. But this time I have not made a single resolution either I don’t want to change any of my habits that I am having right now, no matter how good or bad they are. In deep in my mind, I think none of a thing will be good or bad, it’s the thinking only which made it good or bad.

Although, I consider myself a reveller and I like to attend parties, listening loud music is my best part of the day. In spite of that, I gave a cool welcome and celebrated this festival (can be called as a festival) with my palpable gods, my mom, and dad. On the eve of the New Year’s I stayed at home and had a dinner with both of them, we watched some shows which were coming on some prime channels. At the very right moment when calendar of my iPhone’s changed, we hugged each other and had a great sleep. That was somewhat great and somewhat not great as I knew that my friends were having a great revel.

I woke up early in the morning and had my first New Year road trip of 20 km to the Ramghat, a village near to my town. In this village is very fortunate one because River Ganga is flowing from it. Sitting on the bank of River Ganga, I rejuvenated myself from all the worries and doubts and in return, I had a clear focus and an image of a sunrise. I am taking this 2018 year as the very auspicious one not only for me but for all of us. This year will take all of us closer to our dreams, I am wishing this for all, that’s the only thing by which I can contribute my part for the Nation.

Wishing you a Very great Happy New Year


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