Best Places To Visit in India in Winter

So, the winters are here and the Sun is about to show its charming-attitude by not showing its face. Here I am sharing some of the best places to visit in India in winter. The places which can show you the breathtaking things about the winters.

sunset in rishikesh

In India, the winters come in different colors. Somewhere in the Northern parts, it falls in the form of snow. In the western part, it shows its vibrant colors in the sky & in the Southern part, it showcases its charms under the waters.

Shubham Varshney

From dancing in the snowflakes falling in Manali to diving in the ocean deep down in Lakshadweep, we all can experience the winter in many ways. And this could only be experienced in this country of ours, India.

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Visiting new places is always an exciting and much loving thing. Many do it frequently and call it an addiction (I am full-blown travel-addict) and some manageably take out some time from their schedule and find out some places which can suit them in their time-span. So, I decided to lower down their tasks and give them a list from which they could easily pick up a place and can experience it to its best.

Places to Visit in India in winter for Couple/Family

places to visit in India in winter

Winters is not a short season, it starts from the beginning of November and lasts long till March-end. And in between this period, every family wants a great time with their closed ones. They plan their trip according to their needs, time, and place’s availability. Below are the places which suit the plan of a family.

Alleppey, Kerala

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This part of India is known as God’s own country. The beauty of this region makes it heaven as the Gods used to reside there. This paradise is for those who want to explore the mesmerizing view of backwaters and also known for its traditional houseboat stays.

In winters, Alleppey is way beyond beautiful, all thanks to the pleasant weather.

Best time to Visit: Mid-November (Due to annual snake boat races)

Coorg, Karnataka

places to visit in India in winter

Also known as Kodagu. This city has a very attractive name ‘Scotland of India’. Once you visit this city, you can easily figure out why it has this name. Coorg is just for Nature lover and the people who want to breathe beauty and let breathe it by their loved ones. Jaw-dropping waterfalls, greenery laden mountains, and mystical flora and fauna make it a place to must visit.

Best time to Visit: December (Delightful ambiance of Clouds)

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Rather than known for its fort, it is also called as ‘The Golden City of India’. Literally, winters are the best time to visit this India’s gem. And it has a scientific reason behind it. In winters, the Sun cast its glory on the sand dunes with all its warmth and make it a place to reside. Nowadays, it can be quite a busy city but worth visiting at this time of the Year.

Best time to Visit: January (Experience Desert Festival)

Gangtok, Sikkim

A city which always dipped in the boisterous clouds and pleasant weather. The name means a hill-top and provides a mesmerizing view of that peak, Mount Kanchenjunga at a distant skyline. This city now also considered one of the greenest cities in the World. Allow this city to grab your attention.

Best time to Visit: Mid-December

Places to visit in India in winter for Trekkers/adventurers

As I have earlier said that ‘India is just not a country, it itself a continent’. In our India, you can have a taste of everything from snowy peaks to lushly Rhododendrons Mountains, from coastal lines to largely stretched deserts. We are fully packed. So, there are many activities which you can do in winter as an adventurer.

Munsiyari, Uttrakhand (For Skiing)

At the very starting of 2019, I came to know about a place that is secretly kept in between the beautiful peaks of Himalayan Ranges. And that place was Munsiyari (you can have all the information about it on the link). This is a village in the Hill-district, Pithoragarh. When I visited this village it was wholly covered in the snow and became a very popular spot for skiing. Now, it is famously known as one of the winter sports destinations in India.

places to visit in India in winter

Best time to visit: Mid-January

Kufri, Himachal Pradesh (For Snowboarding)

A small hill station in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. A tourist spot where visitors visit just to feel the aroma of Natura and to get the best view of some mountains. It is also a place where one can do all the adventurous activities related to Snow like Snowboarding and Skiing.

Best time to visit: Last-January

Nag Tibba, Uttrakhand (For Trekking)

Basically, it is a mountain that lies in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. This place is best for the trekkers who are about to make their first step in the world of trekking in India. In between the best treks in India, it has a unique space in the hearts of beginners. Camping at this place is one of life’s cherishing experiences. In 2019, I have also conquered this small peak but worth making.

Best Time to Visit: Mid-December

Though, there are many more places that are way beyond beautiful. But these are the places which can generate a love for the country. These are the places that can force you to think upon how the almighty has managed to create all this stuff. Well, it has no answer. Just go there and let yourself puzzled.


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