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Hi, my name is Shubham Varshney and I can call myself a travelholic. I just love to wander places, no matter about their existence. I love to listen and visit about the places which are exemption cases of Nature. The places which are about their example, which could lose a person into the very tales. Now it is my lust to see myself as the top travel blogger in India and if possible then in the world.

Travel Blogger

And from my mountaineering category, you will find a couple of things that I have achieved in the field of Mountaineering Adventure.

Mountaineering is just like Travelling infused with Adventure.

Shubham Travelr

I think that by traveling, no matter solo or group traveling, I found much more connected to life. In fact, traveling gave me a sense of living this beautiful life. From the last two years, I have made several visits to the places which are just impeccable in either of the records. These last two years, literally added many meanings to my life and I oath to myself that I will keep on adding. I mean, I keep on traveling.

Shubham Varshney

There is one more thing which describes a lot about me and that is Reading. I love reading books, either Fiction or Non-fiction. Crime or Investigation. Love or Motivation. I just love books. They are the lifeline of my so-called life.

From Where I Belong

I do belong from Small Town in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh, Atrauli. Well, no famous for anything, except its Chaat. Literally, this above line sounds like a comment (to me) which one of my friends used to make, SMALL TOWN BOY. At the very same time, he is like a living being is not judge by its native place.

Shubham Varshney
Hosting Flag at 17000 feet

I am always thankful for the place where I born. I love my city (in most cases). First and foremost, I love my India. Really it is my honor to have a birth in this country. A country that is diverse in nature and has a slogan Unity in Diversity. And just because of my past life (schooling in Boarding, graduation, and Job), I spend most of my life in some parts of India. I can say that I am traveling last from 2007.

Now I have left my Job now, I am a Full Time Travel Blogger. It is my life long quest to visit as many places as I can.

What I Seek For

Shubham Traveler

I love to explore places to the very depth of its core. And equivalently, I love to share my experiences. So, for that thing I have started this weblog, keep is helping me to collect all my experiences, travel-history, and worth-remembering tales. This blog of mine, Travelr Network helping me to showcase my data of traveling. And now, I am in the quest to explore this World, to the extreme corner. Also, I made a tagline for my Blog, JOURNEY TO THE WORLD’S HEART.