A Chapter Around Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varsi Lavkar Ya! “Lord Ganesha Blessings with us, come next year with more blessing”.

Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varsi Lavkar Ya!

On a day in 2019, I was strolling down one of the streets of Mathura. I got a phone call from my friend-cum-brother-cum-uncle. He asked me to come with him to street photography. First I fully gave up on the thought but later released that this could be the chance to learn something new or to showcase the ability. Then I found a whole subject to learn. And just roamed around the chapter of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Neetesh, my friend that called me, he always ready to click photographs. In fact, he is keener towards photography than me. So, we headed towards the Haiderpur, area in Delhi. This very exploration made me feel, that era of gods, Ganesh Chaturthi making the money, and little closer to the harsh reality of Ganpati Visarjan.

We reached the point on time and most of the sculptors picked their job and started doing their related works. First, we both started searching for the best spots and the best idols. Then after spending some time in those idols and with those ultimate-artists, we found the whole arena fully working-place.

All the artists, regardless of their ages, are working in a very professional way. From outlining the eyelashes to carving the Ganesha’s idol lancing, they were doing that work in a very fanatic way. And from that day I had a deep dive in this whole chapter of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Urge


It is my urge to all of you, please do not immerse the idols of Lord Ganesha into the rivers. They only get into the feet of the people and being a sacred person, it cannot be tolerated. And if you don’t believe then check this out on 02 September 2020. Surely, you will get to see the harsh reality of this part.

A very famous magazine, Down to Earth, published many articles on this very part. Visit the link given below


Why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

Before we get to know the ‘why’, it is must to know ‘what’. Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival which is celebrated in almost every part of southern India. But nowadays, the highlights of this festival can be seen in the whole of India as well as in other countries also.

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Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-days long festival which was first celebrated by Shivaji, the founder of Maratha Empire in 1680. Because of the charms of this festival, people love to celebrate it. People love to use various colors, they decorate houses, they decorate homes, some people like to play Ganpati songs and some just like to dance on those songs. These are the charms of this festival.

This year we have celebrated this festival on 02 September. We brought Ganesha to our homes, we placed him on a very revered place and he happily stays there, to empower the wisdom and grace. Providing a new beginning to some good things, aside by removing all the obstacles.

There is a song in the movie, ABCD title Sambhu Sutaya (the bringer of happiness). In this song there is a stanza “Yun to sabhi devon ke aage ye sir jhuka hai moray par Apna hai tu Ghar humare Aaya hai moray, Ganpati Bappa Morya (we bestow our head in front of every Lord, but you are the only one who comes to our home, blessings of Ganesha is with us).

Reason Behind the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi

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Lord Shiva beheaded a child which was made by Goddess Parvati with the help of sandalwood paste to guard her while she was bathing. In the results, the whole world had to suffer the furious rage of Goddess Parvati. The whole world got trapped into the fiercely swiping anger volcano of Adi Shakti. It was that fast that the things could be done in a snap of fingers.

Then to cool down the Goddess’s rage, Lord Shiva had had to put a calf’s (baby elephant) head. Lord Shiva had not only given the face also he made him the Lord of prosperity, wisdom, and happiness. From the scriptures, that was this time of the year (August – September). That’s why this period of the year becomes more graceful and auspicious.

A Legend Related to This 10-days Worship of Lord Ganesha

After finding much on Google, in various religious books, and from elders, I got an answer from my elder sister, Shivani. Don’t know how much it is correct or it is just like the other myths.

Ved Vyaas directed Mahabharat to Lord Ganesha, Ved Vyaas ordered Lord Ganesha that he will not be able to move or other work, till the speaking and writing of Mahabharat get completed. They both started their work, days passed by, they have not eaten anything, in fact not a single drop of water. Lord Ganesha started feeling fainted but Ved Vyaas was able to manage himself.

In 10 days they completed the work and on that very day, Lord Ganesha fell on the ground due to the lack of energy and dehydration. That’s why on Ganpati Visarjan, we took the idols of the Ganesha to the waters.

Ganesh Chaturthi – The Emerging Festival of India

Though this very festival first celebrated in the Southern part of India now it is the festival of the whole World. Recently in New Jersey, USA, people brought Ganpati Ji to their houses and on 7th day they have celebrated Ganpati Visarjan.

Posted by Beautiful Chandausi – चाँद-सी on Monday, September 2, 2019

On the very same page, there is a small city in Uttar Pradesh which celebrates the Ganesh Chaturthi at a very high level. Chandausi, a city near to Mooradabaad, is very famous for Ganesh Chaturthi Mela. And the shocking part is that the whole carnival arranged by only one person. In this carnival, people get to see much artistic work.


I especially had a visit to this city on Ganesh Chaturthi, my friend Megha (resident of this city) invited me to enjoy the whole processing. There were many idols of Gods, some are made up of match sticks, some of the cotton, and various other things. Besides the crowd, the mela was awesome and very chaotic.

Interestingly, this city is soon going to house the tallest sculptor of Lord Ganesh in the World.


Right after the Diwali Celebration, this is the festival which is getting a big hype throughout the globe. If you want to live this festival to its inner core then you should visit Maharashtra. Literally a very best place to see the beauty of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Solution

Though I do not have any rights to molest the religious things, being an environmentalist and a nature lover, I think that we should not harm our rivers and water sources in respect to immersing the Ganesha Idols. Instead of this, we should bury the idols in our home’s garden or in a muddy place.

It has two good aspects, one is that the artistic idols that meant to be immersed in the waters will not get into our feet and also not going to harm our rivers. And the second one is very interested, it is connected with the study of ages and evolution. Like, when we dig a place and found a sculpture in that place, we call it a sacred or religious in the same way when the new era will come, they will get some more content to study. Let’s make a chapter for the planet’s new generation.

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